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Automatic Transfer Switches

for enabling using redundant power sources such as a UPS and an inverter,
i.e. two ac inputs, one ac output

Automatic transfer switches enable redundant UPS or dc to ac inverters, may be daisy chained, similar to RAID, for enabling redundant ac power sources for mission-critical applications needing high availability power.

n automatic transfer switch enables redundant UPS, backup generators, dc to ac inverters, or other ac power sources to be used for a single load. Automatic transfer switches (ATS) are recommended when no downtime from a power outage is tolerated. Typical applications for transfer switches include internet service providers, critical servers and telecom equipment, and export markets with bad power. These rack-mountable ATS ( using below rack-mount kits ) permit daisy chaining with any sine wave UPS, providing unlimited redundancy using any combination of independent (separate) ac circuits, UPS systems, generator-backed ac circuits, and so on. In a sense you can compare ATS strategy with RAID strategy (redundant arrays of inexpensive disks). 

Please look at the features/series table, or at the more detailed descriptions further down, to determine the ATs series you need. In the table, click on the hyperlink bookmark, such as 'ARm,' to go to that series summary. If you then want more detailed specifications, click on the underlined PDF hyperlink.

Automatic transfer switch table


 Automatic transfer switch features 

                                ATS Series


 ARm     ATs
  Dual ac source input, single ac output    
  Automatic switchover and restore    
  Automatic relays  
  Solid-state relays  
  Primary and backup may be asynchronous  
  Primary and backup Must be in phase  

  Available in 120V or 208/230/240V

  Over-current protection - fuses  
  Over-current protection - circuit breaker  
  User selectable transfer times  
  Rack-mountable ( ARm - front kit only )    
  Alarm contacts interface    
  Audible alarm    
  Alarm enable/disable switch    

Automatic transfer switch series
(Click on underlined hyperlink to view full brochure / specs pdf)

automatic transfer switches, 120vac, 230vac, redundant ac power sources, for two input feeds and one output feeds, rack-mountable, hardwire, plug'n'play

automatic transfer switch, rear-view, 120vac, 230vac, redundant ac power sources, for two input feeds and one output feeds, rack-mountable, hardwire, plug'n'play

ATs Series - for redundant ac power
The TSi Power ATs Series user customizable ac automatic transfer switches in 30 amperes and 40 amperes at 120 vac or 230 vac configurations are for enabling the use of redundant power sources, such as small uninterruptible power systems feeding industrial controls, PLC cabinets, internet servers, telecom systems, etc. 

The ATs Series rack-mountable automatic transfer switch utilizes solid-state transfer relays with user selectable transfer times, and allows asynchronous backup power sources (sources do not have to be in phase with each other). ATs units incorporate DB9 communications ports and built-in circuit breakers. They come in a standard hardwire configuration, and can be ordered with optional cords and plugs/receptacles. An eight receptacle output unit is also available. Custom (bespoke) OEM solutions are also possible.

You may want to consider two ATs units for some extremely mission-critical applications, such as the power for the telecommunications switch for traffic from Antarctica to North America, which is powered through a doubly redundant system, utilizing two ATs-1000s.
ATs-1000-30A-40A ~ two 120V ac inputs, one 120V ac output.
ATs-1000E-30A-40A ~ two 208/230/240V ac inputs, one ac output.


     Automatic redundancy module, UPS maintenance bypass switch.

ARm Series - for UPS maintenance bypass
TSI Power's automatic redundancy module is designed to provide absolute power protection for your mission-critical computers and equipment. It will provide uninterrupted ac to your load even in the event of one UPS failure. ARms your critical equipment against extended power outages and catastrophic system shutdowns caused by accidental circuit breaker trips, UPS overload conditions, weak or old UPS batteries, routine and preventive maintenance of UPS, accidental UPS shut down, loose power cords, or UPS failure.
Note: Since these require two synchronized power inputs, these are most often used as UPS maintenance bypass units.
ARm-1000 ~ two 120V ac inputs, one 120V output, 15 amps. 
ARm-1000E ~ two 208/230/240V ac inputs, one output, 10 amps


Rack-mounting kits for wall, floor or rack mount of ATS units.

Rack-mounting kits for ARm and ATs Series
Rack-mount kits enable TSi's ARm and ATs automatic transfer switch products to be placed virtually anywhere that fits your space considerations.  This includes desktop and floor mount options. If a rack mount configuration is what you require, TSi's ARm-FAA and ATs systems are designed to accommodate most standard component rack enclosures. With a simple rack mount kit option, you can place your ARm, ATs, rack-mountable UPs, and/or INv, in either a 19". 23", and 24" rack and facilitate the space requirements of your systems, not the ARm, ATs, XINv, or XUPs.
TSi Power Book of product specifications and white papers
To download the entire
"TSi Power Book of Product Specifications and White Papers," right click here, and then in your dialog box > click on 'Save Link As' or similar, then > navigate to a desired folder and then > click on 'Save'.
Please note: The book is a 252 page, 14 megabyte Adobe Acrobat .pdf file, so it may take a while to download on a dial-up line.
The book is designed with 'bookmarks' tied to it's Table of Contents, and the 'bookmarks' also appear on the left side as you open the pdf. So for browsing the products and spec sheets, the book is actually quite a fast look-up resource once you have it on your desktop.

TSi Power is also a custom (bespoke) automatic transfer switch and bypass manufacturer.
For your OEM or special applications, please call. 

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