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Surge Arresters

Meter-Treater whole house and business
ac surge protective devices (SPDs)

eter-base surge arresters provide heavy duty transient protection to safely reduce or eliminate “surges and spikes” on electric power lines prior to entry into your home. 

mt240LC.JPG (26356 bytes)These SPDs (surge protective devices) are specifically designed and configured as meter-base transient voltage surge suppressors, and are derived from the original Meter-Treater®, not an imitation, that has been in service since 1987. Meter-Treater's are UL Listed as secondary surge suppressors per OWHX and have successfully passed all ten parts of the 1999 NEETRAC testing program.  All models are equipped with coordinated short circuit and thermal fusing and are in full compliance with all current and proposed safety requirements. 

Please note: In addition to these primary protectors, due to the fact that as the very leading edge of lightning pulses will get past primary circuitry in the nanoseconds it takes for an MOV response to occur, we recommend you also utilize power line conditioners, UPS, or point-of-use plug-in surge protectors for a second stage protection device. Utilizing a two stage strategy is your best protection strategy.

Meter-base and hardwire residential / light commercial SPDs
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The model 400-1SL is the most recent derivative of the original Meter-Treater ac meter-base whole house surge protector model with Sunbright® twin red LED's indicator lights (1000MCD), visible in bright daylight, to monitor status, as well as built-in viewing window. 

CareBase Note: if you have a typical home with a 200 amp meter / panel, this unit is our favorite choice for a whole house surge protector / arrester. Also, a new unit is now available for 360/400A services, please call. 
Residential commercial hardwired (RCHW) SPD:  The RCHW hardwired ac surge protective devices are specifically designed for applications in residential, commercial and light industrial environments.  All RCHW hardwired SPD models are UL and CUL Listed as either secondary surge arresters or 1449 TVSS devices. This model is single or split phase. For three phase RCHW surge protective devices, please see the commercial/industrial SPD page.
The Meter-Treater model 675-3PA, three phase ac secondary surge arrester, is designed for 275 volts, phase to ground, and has a surge current rating of 57kA per phase, and 171kA total.
The Meter-Treater model LDC commercial meter-based surge suppressor features parallel redundant suppression paths, twin 40MM MOVs per mode, while four LED status indicator lights are visible in bright daylight to monitor surge protection states.
M-Ti is also a custom meter base SPD/surge arrester manufacturer.
For your OEM or special applications, please call us. 

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