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Wide temperature batteries ac UPS, 120V/120vac, for exterior environments inside OEM or other outdoor rated enclosures

Michael Gibson




UPs-400Wtb capable of providing UPS backup in temps as low as
20C (4F)
and as high as 60C (140F)

Antigo, WI, USA ~ TSi Power Corporation announces a UPS designed to satisfy the need for some applications, such as remote sensing equipment, to operate in extreme temperature environments, battery backup, and the flexibility of adding additional battery cabinets for extended run-time.

Mr. Nam Paik, Director of Engineering at TSi Power, says, "The UPs-400Wtb is the ideal UPS for computer or telecommunications equipment in extreme wide temperature environments where ac power delivery is unreliable and/or long battery backup times may be necessary. Its operating temperature range is 20C (4F) and as high as 60C (140F). It protects connected equipment from power supply failure, erroring, system lock-ups and re-boots."

Custom outdoor enclosures for OEM applications are also available.

The capability of adding extra external battery packs enables nearly unlimited holdup times

The UPs-400Wtb comes with a built-in Anderson SB-50 Connector. This enables connection of a virtually unlimited number of extra EXt-400 battery packs, as each one contains its own separate charger.

About TSi Power Corporation

TSi Power manufactures ac line conditioners (including the medical grade series), isolation transformers, ac automatic voltage regulators, automatic transfer switches (ATS), uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), outdoor wide temperature UPS, outdoor ac to dc wide temperature UPS, dc to ac inverters and overvoltage protection devices.

TSi Power specializes in custom products for relatively small volumes. These are created from combining our regular products with our library of various standard board designs and an extensive library of CAD designs. This combination allows us to respond quickly to many varying requirements.

For more information on TSis UPs product lines please visit our Uninterruptible Power Supply page.


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