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Doctors Looking at X- Rays
Female Scientist Using Microscope
Young girl with nurse
Library of Congress
Health care databases

Knowledge on good health and illness from some of the most amazing medical repositories

Power health databases

Providing proper care/protection of your equipment to ensure it stays operational is important, too.


Education is key to solving most of the world's problems. So much is available—we just need to utilize it.

You can visit your state's health department via this link. NOTE—If an emergency, please call 911.

Three entirely different healthcare systems

The Affordable Care Act

This is a bit complicated for many, so you may end up having to call the 800 number if you can't easily figure it out.

Healthcare in Canada

Going to Canada? In Canada? Here is the Canadian government's welcome page to the Canadian health care system.

Going to, or in Mexico?

Below is a link to the government web site, in Spanish / Espanol  If you only speak English, you'll need some help.

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