CareBase is now 29 years old. We are about helping people do better at taking care of themselves, of others, and the systems they use to help with that. Knowledge is power, and that power to help oneself or another heal is enhanced greatly by understanding what human health and well-being is all about, what illness is, what symptoms of illness there are, and what one can do about bringing about more well-being. Education, proactive health practices, prevention of illness or complications, a healthy diet and exercise, are all key. We hope you find these doorways helpful in your search for yet more answers.

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Michael Gibson

CareBase has been involved with helping people with their well-being since 1988, first with helping Karen Gibson RN, LMT, spearhead the Hospital-Based Massage Therapy movement in Colorado; adding advice around medical knowledge databases and then electric power quality systems.
Michael Gibson is also the author of The Art of Electrical and Electronics Technical Writing, and the Most Common Mistakes, available in the Apple iBooks Textbooks section, and can be linked to via and was also one of the founding directors, and the third president, of the non-profit Colorado Electric Service Network (since merged with the Rocky Mountain Electric League).

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