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Power Health DataBases

Image of doctor looking at a database of scans

Systems need to be well, too

Electricity is something most of us take for granted in our daily lives, but for medical systems it's something to make sure we have an extra special awareness of if someone's life or well-being is dependent on it for any system being operational 24/7, or where the cost of catastrophic failure would be prohibitive.

Education is key here, and there are some fundamental things you can do that are relatively inexpensive (and all the way up to very expensive) that will help ensure your systems persevere and last as long as possible. Please at least cover the basics.

These links and white papers are here to help you better understand what power quality is, and how you can enhance it. I most recommend my white paper on electrical perseverance as a starting place, along with a high quality electrical outlet/receptacle tester to make sure your wiring hasn't had a wire come loose inside over the years from expansion-contraction forces—if you diagnose a problem, then you want to find a good local electrician to come fix it for you.

Links to white papers, National Electric Code, etc.

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