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Our goal is to help you obtain knowledge about the realities of the art of medicine, of health and well-being, of illness, of symptoms, and treatments. You will have to be thorough in your searching; it rarely seems as easy as we hope for, but its getting better every year.


Before the days of online databases, I once spent several days going through microfiche after microfiche of articles and studies at a university medical library (CU Boulder) to try to help a brother of mine diagnose his unusual but very serious symptoms, when every doctor he had gone to didn't know, and couldn't figure out, what he had. Luckily I was able to find research that was about symptoms that matched his to a 'T'; he took the reams of paper copies of the microfiche that I faxed to him, to his doctor, and then the doctor was able to confirm it. He had sarcoidosis; and with ongoing treatment he is still alive, and doing well today, more than 30 years later. Doctors do their best, but sometimes it needs to be a team effort.

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