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emf—the electro-magnetic field

Something we all take for granted is our power—the electricity that feeds into our home, charges our cell phones, sound system, microwaves, appliances and more than you can easily count off on your fingers if you were to try to name every piece of equipment in your home, garage, car, and portable electronics.

I will be coming back in here to the power health section, and adding some more databases around emf, as that is something we all need to know about and understand. There are very few regulations around it as there are too many conflicting results, but one thing most experts agree on, there is a good possibility that at some very high levels, with too much exposure, children can possibly get leukemia; and some worry about brain tumors from too much cell phone usage directly pressed against their head when in bad reception areas and the phone has to pump up the transmitting power to be received.

Power lines are the notable visible element when people think of emf, but being too close to some microwaves, e.g., sticking your face right up to the microwave window the whole time its cooking, and other devices like some bedside alarm clocks, present us with electro-magnetic fields that we should keep a judicious distance away from.

Electro-magnetic fields drop off in intensity very quickly over small distances.

For cell phones, if you're on yours a lot, to be cautious, I advise to use the speaker at least a few inches away, or hands-free, or use headphones vs. always holding it directly against your head. For microwaves, if you keep at least just two or three feet away, the field strength is near the level of having nothing on at all. For bedside alarm clocks, keep them literally at arms length, so you can reach them safely to turn them off, but not so close they are almost right beside your head.

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